Drugs in Neurology

Drugs in Neurology

Sathiji Nageshwaran, David Ledingham, Heather C. Wilson, and Anthony Dickenson

Print publication date: Jan 2017

ISBN: 9780199664368

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The Drugs in Neurology handbook succinctly brings together the most up-to-date management of adult neurological disorders and the evidence base for their drug treatment. Each neurological sub-specialty is covered within separate chapters, discussing disease classification, clinical features, suggested treatment pathways, and the evidence base behind modern treatment regimes. The latter half of the text contains an easily accessible A–Z drug compendium. Drug monographs include useful prescribing information, licensed and unlicensed uses, disease-specific mechanism(s) of action, contraindications, toxicity and side effects, use in special populations, efficacy (evidence-based), dosing and monitoring, pharmacokinetic data, and drug interactions.