Viva Training in ENTPreparation for the FRCS (ORL-HNS)

Viva Training in ENTPreparation for the FRCS (ORL-HNS)

Declan Costello and Stuart Winter

Print publication date: Jul 2013

ISBN: 9780199659500

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The range of topics featured on a final ENT Viva exam can be very varied. Viva Training in ENT ensures testers can answer any question confidently and comprehensively, and this resource provides over 430 examples, mirroring exactly the format of the examination questions and covering all the relevant areas of the curriculum. Dedicated chapters on topics such as rhinology, head and neck, otology and paediatrics take the reader through the types of scenarios that are likely to be faced, often presenting a clinical example and asking a range of questions that test not only diagnostic skills, but also supporting knowledge. Three further chapters cover the clinical section of the exam involving patients, and the operative surgery and communication skills stations. These chapters provide both example scenarios and general advice on how to impress the examiners, giving the reader a thorough grounding in how best to communicate knowledge and to complete tasks calmly and methodically. For each question, detailed model answers and explanatory notes are provided, along with links to relevant websites and key journal articles for further reference. Additionally, questions are supplemented with over 85 illustrations and photographs.