Oxford Textbook of Oncology

Oxford Textbook of Oncology

David J. Kerr, Daniel G. Haller, Cornelis J. H. van de Velde, and Michael Baumann

Print publication date: Jan 2016

ISBN: 9780199656103

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This new 3rd edition of the Oxford Textbook of Oncology is a major piece of scholarly work that details the evolution, evidence base and current best practice in multidisciplinary practice in oncology. Oncology is the largest hospital multi-specialty and the contributors to this 3rd edition are all internationally recognised key opinion leaders in their field. It includes all aspects of oncology, including surgery, radiotherapy, and medical oncology. It focuses on the clinical aspects of oncology while also covering the basic sciences. It provides introductory chapters covering basic science (cell and molecular biology and genetics), translational science (pharmacology, pharmo-genetics, drug discovery, drug development, radiation oncology), general principles of surgical radiation and medical oncology, cancer imaging and pathology, followed by a series of disease-associated chapters.

Table of Contents