Textbook of Post-ICU Medicine: The Legacy of Critical Care

Textbook of Post-ICU Medicine: The Legacy of Critical Care

Robert D. Stevens, Nicholas Hart, and Margaret S. Herridge

Print publication date: May 2014

ISBN: 9780199653461

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Describing the major clinical syndromes affecting ICU survivors, this resource delineates established or postulated biological mechanisms of the post-acute recovery process, and discusses strategies for treatment and rehabilitation to promote recovery in the ICU and in the long term. Many ICU survivors suffer from a range of long-lasting physical and psychological issues such as end stage renal disease, congestive heart failure, cognitive impairment, neuromuscular weakness, and depression or anxiety, which affect their overall quality of life and ability to lead productive lives. This online work discusses the science of the recovery process and the innovative treatment regimens which are helping ICU survivors regain function as they heal following trauma or disease. This lingering burden or 'legacy' of critical illness is now recognized as a major public health issue, with major efforts underway to understand how it can be prevented, mitigated, or treated.

Table of Contents