Essentials of Toxicology for Health Protection

Essentials of Toxicology for Health Protection

David Baker, Lakshman Karalliedde, Virginia Murray, Robert Maynard, and Norman HT Parkinson

Print publication date: Mar 2012

ISBN: 9780199652549

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Essentials of Toxicology for Health Protection is ideal as both a course resource for students and a reference for field professionals involved in responding to chemical incidents and local environmental concerns. Produced by Health Protection England, it offers a comprehensive and structured approach to dealing with toxicological problems worldwide. It covers both the basics of toxicology and its application to issues of topical concern such as contaminated land, food additives, and water and air pollution. Each chapter is composed by an expert in the field, making this an essential resource for all professionals in environmental public health, including: health protection consultants, specialists and trainees; public health practitioners; environmental health practitioners; environmental scientists; and staff of the emergency services, the water and waste industries, and other industrial and regulatory bodies.