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Amendments and Errata 

Amendments and Errata
Oxford Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes (3 ed.)

Page 281, Box 3.6

The final line of copy in the box should read 4mg prednisolone ≡ 20mg hydrocortisone ≡ 0.75mg dexamethasone., not 4mg prednisolone ≡ 20mg hydrocortisone ≡ 0.075mg dexamethasone.

Page 381, Table 4.16, First Column, 4th line

The 4th line should read Transdermal Gel (1%, 2%), not Transdermal Gel (1%). Also in Table 4.16, Second Column, 4th line should read 5-10g (1%), 2-4g (2%) gel daily, not 5-10g gel daily.

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