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Assessment of synovial joint fluid 

Assessment of synovial joint fluid
Assessment of synovial joint fluid
Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology (4 ed.)

Engy Abdelattif

, Anthony J. Freemont

, and DC Mangham

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Assessment of synovial joint fluid is a simple, cheap, and relatively non-invasive test that can be applied to the whole spectrum of joint diseases, provided there is sufficient fluid within the joint to aspirate. The chapter outlines the key steps in undertaking microscopic analysis of synovial fluid in order to maximize the diagnostic and prognostic return, while placing the features seen within the context of some of the most important joint diseases. The chapter also examines the changing face of microbiological examination of synovial fluid to diagnose joint infection as a primary event and also the increasingly important problem of infection secondary to joint replacement surgery.

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