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Imaging in children 

Imaging in children
Imaging in children
Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology (4 ed.)

Emma Gerety

and Karl Johnson

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The radiological findings of the rheumatological conditions that occur in childhood, are in the majority of cases similar to those in the adult. However, there are some specific and unique features seen only in the paediatric population. Often these features reflect the immature nature of the child’s skeleton and the fact that growth is not yet complete. Radiology is important in helping to establish the diagnosis and in the long-term management of the child. The most appropriate test, promptly performed and avoiding the child unnecessary discomfort, is the ideal. An understanding of the disease process, as well as the advantages and the limitations of each imaging modality, by both clinician and radiologist, is important. Collaboration between the requesting physician and radiologist will improve the quality of the service provided to the child.

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