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The adult patient 

The adult patient
The adult patient
Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology (4 ed.)

Paul Thompson


The adult patient gives the trainee rheumatologist insight into the wide range of musculoskeletal problems faced by our patients, the many different clinical pictures they present, and how their disorders evolve over time. Using clinical vignettes to stimulate thought and evidence-based articles and reviews to underpin the text the chapter covers patients with mono-, oligo-, and polyarthritis, regional soft tissue and myofascial pain, polymyalgia, and systemic autoimmune rheumatological conditions. The importance of disease classification for helping prognosis and treatment strategies is contrasted with the difficulty of fitting many of our patients into a diagnostic pigeon hole. Particular emphasis is placed on the need for the rheumatologist to take a holistic approach to the subject and to remember that outcome depends not only on the disease but also the person affected.

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