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Rheumatological manifestations of endocrine disorders 

Rheumatological manifestations of endocrine disorders
Rheumatological manifestations of endocrine disorders
Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology (4 ed.)

Sanjeev Sharma

and Gerry Rayman

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There is considerable overlap of musculoskeletal manifestations of both rheumatological and endocrine disorders. Apart for the well-described autoimmune basis governing the aetiopathogenesis of clinical states pertaining to specific conditions affecting both systems, there is more recent evidence on the overlapping biology and genetics of these organ systems. Not uncommonly, endocrine manifestations can herald the initial presentation of rheumatological illnesses and the converse holds true for endocrinopathies. Rheumatologists and physicians alike need to be astutely aware of this overlap of symptomatology and also the physiology linking both groups of clinical conditions. This review discusses the common endocrine presentations associated with rheumatic illnesses in relation to newer information gleaned from population studies, genetic studies, and clinical presentations. A comprehensive list of rheumatological conditions found in endocrine states is also tabulated at the end.

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