PsychiatryPast, Present, and Prospect

PsychiatryPast, Present, and Prospect

Sidney Bloch, Stephen A. Green, and Jeremy Holmes

Print publication date: Apr 2014

ISBN: 9780199638963

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This resource brings together perspectives from a group of highly respected psychiatrists, each with decades of experience in clinical practice. The topics covered range from scientific discoveries of all kinds, advances in treatment, and conceptual breakthroughs. The highlights are countered by the field's negative sides: perennial indecisiveness about the boundaries of psychiatry; the limitations of a narrow approach to human suffering; the retreat from the hope of a de-institutionalised, community-based psychiatry; the divide between biological treatments and psychotherapy; the technical and ethical complexities of psychiatric research; and the low priority given to psychiatry, especially but far from exclusively in less developed countries.