Medical Psychotherapy (Oxford Specialist Handbooks)

Medical Psychotherapy (Oxford Specialist Handbooks)

Jessica Yakeley, James Johnston, Gwen Adshead, and Laura Allison

Print publication date: Aug 2016

ISBN: 9780199608386

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The Oxford Specialist Handbook of Medical Psychotherapy covers all aspects of the psychiatric specialty of medical psychotherapy, including the role of the medical psychotherapist, key features of the main therapeutic models, and the research evidence for the efficacy of different psychotherapies across the range of psychiatric disorders and patient populations encountered in mental health settings. It details the theoretical concepts, techniques, mechanisms of change, empirical evidence, and training required for each of the major models of psychotherapy—psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioural, systemic, and group—as well as other therapeutic modalities most commonly available within the National Health Service in the UK. These include cognitive analytic therapy (CAT), interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), psychodynamic interpersonal therapy (PIT), dynamic interpersonal therapy (DIT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), mentalization-based treatment (MBT), schema therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, therapeutic communities, art psychotherapy, dramatherapy, music therapy, and counselling. The book also describes the general therapeutic competencies common to all modalities, including development of the therapeutic alliance, handling emotions, dealing with breaks and endings, assessing and managing risk, and using clinical supervision. Psychotherapy assessment, formulation and consultation are also reviewed. Key issues regarding the ethics and boundaries of medical and psychiatric care are examined, as well as the application of psychotherapeutic principles within the wider health-care system, focusing on management, teaching and consultation, organizational dynamics, and the involvement of patients and service users in the planning and delivery of services. The expanding field of psychotherapy research and its links with attachment studies and neuroscience is reviewed, as well as the applications of medical psychotherapy within the other psychiatric specialties.