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Conceptual Equipment 

Conceptual Equipment
Neuropsychoanalysis in Practice: Brain, Self and Objects

In the first chapter I take up some of Freud's metapsychological ideas, place them within the philosophical context of Kant, and discuss how the latter's transcendental approach can be fruitfully extended with regard to the concept of the brain. As has been observed, for example, by Brooks (1998), Freud's concept of the structure and organization of the psyche is related to Kant's concept of mind. The similarities and differences between Freud's approach to the psyche and Kant's approach to the mind are discussed and extended to the concept of the brain. The conceptual implications and empirical relevance of such a transcendental approach to the brain, as first suggested by the philosopher Schopenhauer, are discussed and placed in the context of neuropsychoanalysis.

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