Basic Science for Core Medical Training and the MRCP

Basic Science for Core Medical Training and the MRCP

Neil Herring and Robert Wilkins

Print publication date: Oct 2015

ISBN: 9780199599677

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Medical education like medical science is constantly evolving. Traditional courses often start by focusing on the basic sciences such as physiology, cell biology, biochemistry and anatomy, studying each in isolation. However, medical school teaching is moving to a more systems based approach, often based around the clinical specialties. From the first year of study, students may learn about the basic science, pathology, diagnosis and treatments related to a particular specialty whilst also seeing patients in the clinical setting. Old style textbooks, which focus on a particular medical science, are therefore not always ideal for this structure for learning. Similarly post-graduate medical examinations, such as those for Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) in the UK, require a detailed knowledge of core medical science, and yet examine it in a way that focuses on its relevance to clinical practice. This concise text provides an up-to-date and easily readable explanation of the relevant basic science behind each of the medical specialties. The text is often presented in bullet point format with simple concise explanations. It makes extensive use of tables, lists and diagrams with each chapter also containing multiple-choice questions aimed at consolidating the material covered and highlighting topics that are frequently examined. No book of this length covering such a wide area can be completely comprehensive. For the busy Junior Doctor or medical student, we hope it will provide a coherent starting point for improving their understanding of medical science before turning to other texts which focus more on pathology, diagnosis and management.