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Acknowledgements for the ninth edition 

Acknowledgements for the ninth edition
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties (9 ed.)

Few authors are lucky enough to receive the vast number of insightful and useful comments that we are enjoying from readers all over the world. Our sincere thanks are owed to you all.

We would love to list each of you by name in print, but the sheer number means that we must find space to thank you here, on the world-wide web. This is, perhaps, an appropriate arena for such a tribute, for it is through the suggestions of our world-wide network of readers, and your unique experiences and traditions as practitioners of medicine interlocking like the roots of trees, that we have been able to ever-refine and improve our book, beyond what a small group of authors could achieve.

To all of you, our heartfelt thanks for letting us so freely tap into your expertise, your ideals, and your enthusiasm for getting to the bottom of knotty problems. The average reader leafing through our pages has no idea what goes on below their surface. But you have delved deep, you have nourished our roots, and you have inspired us to be better authors. We hope this tribute will inspire you to carry on reading ever more carefully, taking nothing for granted.

Murray Longmore, Judith Collier, Ian Wilkinson, and the other authors of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine and the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties.

We sincerely thank:

  • Steve Emmet

  • Tor Chiu

  • Mark Lowenthal

  • Natalie Langdown

  • Judith Harvey

  • Tim Hodgetts

  • Duncan Brown

  • Peter Scally

  • Mark Brinsden

  • Ahmad Mafi

  • Tom Turmezei

  • Alison Peattie

  • Patrick Davies

  • Anish Patel

  • Brinda Muthusami

  • Chris Potter

  • Jonathan Bowling

  • Mike Nathanson

  • Robert Tasker

  • Mathuranayagham Niroshan

  • Shahzad Arain

  • Pooja Sarkar

  • Rashmi Singh

  • Josh Hurn

  • Konstantinos Kritikos

  • Mark Cassar

  • William Hunt

  • Roland Bensted

  • Winnie Chen

  • James Sewell

  • Fandy Wang

  • Bernard Ho

  • Ayoma Ratnappuli

  • Shahzad Arain

  • Manish Verma

  • Kazuo Matsui

  • Jodie Barnes

  • Xuebin Dong

  • Feidhlim McGivney

  • Ahmed Twaij

  • Daniel Fitzgerald

  • Tom Knowlman

  • Ellen Musson

  • Elizabeth Wallin

  • Devon Kennard

  • Jacob Vella

  • Sobana Gopalakrishnan

  • Samuel Eather

  • Sam Siljee

  • Yasmine Hassan

  • Charlotte Yates

  • Lok Teng Joo

  • Lauren Jones

  • Sana Ihsan

  • Rebecca Meade

  • Delano Joshua

  • Elspeth Cumber

  • Jason Huang

  • Naeimeh Hosseini

  • Sunil Pradhan

  • Nur Hanna Illyana

  • Alexander Peter Wibberley

  • Ian Ma

  • Ghaith Albaba

  • Eva Dumann

  • Eckhard Schlemm

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