Diagnosis and Treatment in Internal Medicine

Diagnosis and Treatment in Internal Medicine

Patrick Davey and David Sprigings

Print publication date: Aug 2018

ISBN: 9780199568741

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Diagnosis and Treatment in Internal Medicine is a new textbook, written by experts in their field, that provides succinct and authoritative guidance across the breadth of internal medicine. Diagnosis is the bedrock of management, and so how to reach a differential diagnosis of symptoms or presenting problems is a major element of the book. There is also comprehensive coverage of disorders of the body systems, including psychological aspects and palliative care. Chapters are structured so that key information can rapidly be found. Doctors need a broad perspective on health and its promotion, and there are sections addressing nutrition, lifestyle and prevention of disease. Diagnosis and Treatment in Internal Medicine is the ideal reference for doctors early in their careers in hospital medicine or primary care, and senior medical students. Sections of the book: • The approach to the patient • Assessment of symptoms and presenting problems • Cardiovascular disorders • Respiratory disorders • Intensive care medicine • Disorders of the kidney and urinary tract • Diabetes mellitus and endocrine disorders • Gastro-intestinal disorders • Disorders of the liver • Neurological disorders • Disorders of the skin • Disorders of the musculoskeletal system • Haematological disorders • Disorders of the immune system • Infectious diseases • Nutrition and its disorders • Lifestyle and environmental causes of disease • Prevention of disease • Screening for disease

Table of Contents