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Service components 

Service components
Oxford Textbook of Community Mental Health

In discussing the organization of the full range of community mental health services in this chapter, we shall first consider some important pre-conditions, namely the scale of needs in any given population, the degree of coverage of these needs by existing services, the quantity and quality of available resources, and how far the attitudes of staff and the population at large promote or hinder a service primarily focused upon the needs of service users. We go on to describe a ‘balanced care’ model, which includes both hospital-based and community-based care, and its application in low-, medium-, and high-resource settings. We then summarize our own experience in developing community care to draw out the key lessons learned, including the need to include a wide range of stakeholder groups. Finally we discuss the key barriers that can impede the implementation of the balanced care model, and methods to overcome these forms of resistance.

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