Comprehensive Textbook of AIDS PsychiatryA Paradigm for Integrated Care

Comprehensive Textbook of AIDS PsychiatryA Paradigm for Integrated Care

Mary Ann Cohen, Jack M. Gorman, and Scott L. Letendre

Print publication date: May 2017

ISBN: 9780199392742

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Psychiatric factors play a significant role in the ongoing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) pandemic. In less than four decades, advances in HIV medical care and research have transformed acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) from a rapidly fatal illness of unknown cause into a chronic, manageable illness. Vast strides have been made in clinical care and pathogenesis research in the fields of HIV prevention and psychiatric care, including pre- (PreP) and and post-exposure (PEP) prophylaxis. Although AIDS is an entirely preventable infectious illness, HIV transmission continues throughout the world. Transmission of HIV continues to be fueled by many factors, including stigma of HIV and mental illness as well as discrimination, criminalization, and risky behaviors. A comprehensive biopsychosocial approach to sexual health and mental health and diminution of stigma are key to both HIV prevention and HIV care. Integration of psychiatric care into HIV prevention and treatment entails use of a biopsychosocial approach that maintains a view of each individual with HIV as a member of a family, community, and society who deserves to be treated with dignity and compassion. This textbook provides an update on HIV medicine and psychiatry; introduces the concept of HIV/AIDS as “the great magnifier of maladies”; explores the paradoxes and disparities of HIV care; explains how HIV psychiatry is a paradigm for the psychiatric care of the medically ill (psychosomatic medicine); and sets the stage for an understanding of how integrated care can prevent transmission of HIV and reduce morbidity and mortality in persons with HIV.

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