50 Studies Every Surgeon Should Know

50 Studies Every Surgeon Should Know

SreyRam Kuy, Rachel J. Kwon, and Miguel A. Burch

Print publication date: Sep 2017

ISBN: 9780199384075

Publisher: Oxford University Press


50 Studies Every Surgeon Should Know presents key studies that have shaped the practice of surgery. Selected using a rigorous methodology, the studies cover topics including: vascular, colorectal, bariatric, abdominal, hernial, and endocrine surgery, surgical outcomes, surgical oncology, trauma and surgical critical care, and studies of historical interest. Each chapter describes the basics of a landmark study, including funding, study location, who was studied, how many patients, study design, study intervention, follow-up, endpoints, results, and criticism and limitations. It then briefly reviews other relevant studies and information, discusses implications, and concludes with a relevant clinical case.

Table of Contents