Basic Anesthesiology Examination Review

Basic Anesthesiology Examination Review

George W. Williams and Erin S. Williams

Print publication date: Dec 2015

ISBN: 9780199381623

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Basic Anesthesiology Examination Review is a high-yield, streamlined study aid. The BAER Review is a text that is tailor made to cover the entire outline of the Basic Anesthesiology Examination (BAE) instituted by the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA). Each chapter provides a concise content review of all items listed in the ABA outline as well as relevant images and diagrams. The design of the content of each of the chapters is optimized to facilitate early reading while covering each topic in a systematic fashion, while going far beyond being structured in a simple outline format. Furthermore, images are included in each chapter that are designed to be very memorable to facilitate retention of the content reviewed. Chapters conclude with questions and annotated answers, followed by key references and further reading. The questions are written with board preparation in mind, so as not to emphasize minutia but include content that the ABA could reasonably ask the examinee, With this book as a guide, readers will be able to efficiently prepare for the Basic Anesthesiology Examination.