Mental Health in the Digital AgeGrave Dangers, Great Promise

Mental Health in the Digital AgeGrave Dangers, Great Promise

Elias Aboujaoude and Vladan Starcevic

Print publication date: Apr 2015

ISBN: 9780199380183

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The Internet and related technologies have reconfigured every aspect of life, including mental health. Although the negative and positive effects of digital technology on mental health have been debated, all too often this has been done with much passion and few or no supporting data. This title addresses threats resulting from the growing reliance on, and misuse of, digital technology; it also looks at how some problematic behaviors and forms of psychopathology have been shaped by this technology, including information on Internet and video game use, effects of violent video games on the levels of aggression, of online searches for health-related information on the levels of health anxiety, use of digital technology to harm other people, and promotion of suicide on the Internet. It also examines the ways in which digital technology has boosted efforts to help people with mental health problems, including the use of computers, the Internet, and mobile phones to educate and provide information necessary for psychiatric treatment and to produce programs for psychological therapy, as well as use of electronic mental health records to improve care.