Long-Term Outcomes in Psychopathology ResearchRethinking the Scientific Agenda

Long-Term Outcomes in Psychopathology ResearchRethinking the Scientific Agenda

Evelyn J. Bromet

Print publication date: Nov 2015

ISBN: 9780199378821

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Based on the 103rd annual meeting of the American Psychopathological Association, Long-Term Outcomes in Psychopathology Research: Rethinking the Scientific Agenda explores the long-term course of illness and functioning of individuals treated for mental health and substance use disorders and the outcomes research derived from these cases. Sections cover topics including findings from long-term psychopathology outcome studies, problematic case definitions, differing perspectives on the concept of recovery, the need for continued long-term outcomes research, and research priorities for patients with chronic and severe disorders. The book employs the experiences of innovative mental health providers, reflecting the value of personal narratives in research conducted in cross-sectional increments with preformulated questions and response options. As psychiatry continues to refine its diagnostic categories and psychology demands greater attention to dimensionality, the need for interdisciplinary long-term studies is as critical as ever. This final volume in the American Psychopathological Association Series reflects on developments in outcomes research conducted in parallel with different disorders and offers suggestions for preserving long-term outcome studies as the mainstay of clinical knowledge.

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