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The Exposome—Concept and Implementation in Birth Cohorts 

The Exposome—Concept and Implementation in Birth Cohorts
The Exposome—Concept and Implementation in Birth Cohorts
Exposure Assessment in Environmental Epidemiology (2 ed.)

Martine Vrijheid


Measurement of the non-genetic, environmental component in epidemiological studies has traditionally relied on much more uncertain and incomplete assessments than measurement of the genome and has indeed focused almost exclusively on single exposure-health effects. A new epidemiological paradigm, the ‘exposome’, has therefore been proposed to encompass the totality of human environmental (meaning all non-genetic) exposures from conception onwards, complementing the genome. This paradigm promotes a holistic, life-course, approach facilitated by new and emerging technologies, including personal exposure sensors and molecular omics biomarkers, to measure external and internal components of the exposome. The chapter provides an introduction to the exposome concept, focusing on early life, and provides an example of a project in which the exposome concept is applied.

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