Schizophrenia and Psychotic Spectrum Disorders

Schizophrenia and Psychotic Spectrum Disorders

S. Charles Schulz, Michael F. Green, and Katharine J. Nelson

Print publication date: Apr 2016

ISBN: 9780199378067

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Schizophrenia is a complex and heterogeneous disease of the brain, resulting from a complex interaction of innate susceptibility and environmental factors, involving multiple neurotransmitter systems and virtually all brain structures. As research in neurobiology, genetics, and epidemiology continues to progress at an astonishing rate, application of such knowledge may usher in newer and better interventions, ultimately reducing global burden and improving outcomes of schizophrenia. The primary focus of this volume is to present in readable form key topics in schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, including a detailed review of the scientific literature on the pathophysiology underlying the disorder, symptoms, etiology, diagnostic approach, and treatments. People living with psychotic disorders have long been marginalized or misunderstood. This book is written with the goal of providing individuals in various disciplines, including trainees and established clinicians, a better understanding at multiple levels of one of the least understood psychiatric diagnoses. Improved understanding of the pathophysiology, phenomenology, intervention, and shaping of community and societal attitudes will lead to better outcomes for people with mental illnesses and their families.