Caring Matters MostThe Ethical Significance of Nursing

Caring Matters MostThe Ethical Significance of Nursing

Mark Lazenby

Print publication date: Jan 2017

ISBN: 9780199364541

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Through an exploration of the ethical nature of nursing, Caring Matters Most asserts that the act of nursing itself embodies goodness. Nurses can develop this goodness, or moral character, in themselves by cultivating five habits: trustworthiness, imagination, beauty, space, and presence. Practicing these habits will sustain nurses in their everyday work. The habit of trustworthiness can help nurses to meet the demands of the workplace. The habit of imagination is a counterbalance to the threat of automation, and the habit of beauty is a way for nurses to be good to themselves amid the daily difficulties the tasks of nursing present. The habit of space is a remedy to the incivilities that arise within the nursing community. The habit of presence encourages nurses to be grateful, and in turn, gratefulness puts nurses in the presence of the good of nursing. Ultimately, Caring Matters Most offers a vision of the good society that the work of nursing seeks to create—for the community of nurses and for the world.