Neurobiology of Personality Disorders

Neurobiology of Personality Disorders

Christian Schmahl, K. Luan Phan, and Robert O. Friedel

Print publication date: Sep 2018

ISBN: 9780199362318

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This book outlines the principles of neural science that mediate personality and describes what is currently known about how these biological processes are impaired in individuals with personality disorders. What sets this book apart from others is that it focuses particularly on the neurobiology of disturbed personality. Personality disorders have a high prevalence, and these disorders cause a substantial amount of human suffering and harm, not only to the individuals and families directly affected but also to the population at large. Second, these disorders are known to have a heritability rate that is generally in excess of 50%, strongly suggesting that the behavioral disturbances caused by personality disorders have a significant biomedical etiology. However, with the exception of borderline personality disorder, little is known about the biological nature of personality and personality disorders and the effective treatment of the latter. The principles of the basic biological nature medical disorders have served well as the foundation in other disciplines in medicine and psychiatry but have received relatively little attention in the areas of personality, temperament, and personality disorders.

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