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Ethical Issues in the Care of Adolescents 

Ethical Issues in the Care of Adolescents
Ethical Issues in the Care of Adolescents
Pediatric Ethics: Protecting the Interests of Children

Alan R. Fleischman


This chapter describes the dramatic physical and emotional changes that occur during adolescence. It examines the concept of evolving autonomy as young teens begin to develop the capacity to participate fully in decision-making for their care. Ethical issues concerning the relationship of an adolescent patient and his or her parents, including confidentiality and truth telling are discussed. The chapter focuses on empowering adolescents to take responsibility for their health and their healthcare. Ethical concerns for the adolescent with no family, the homosexual and transgender adolescent, and the adolescent with mental health, behavior problems, and eating disorders are all examined.The role and limits of patient confidentiality are discussed, particularly in terms of patient self-harm.

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