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Ethical Issues in General Pediatric Practice 

Ethical Issues in General Pediatric Practice
Ethical Issues in General Pediatric Practice
Pediatric Ethics: Protecting the Interests of Children

Alan R. Fleischman


This chapter describes several ethical issues that occur in the everyday practice of pediatrics, including: parent refusal of immunizations, suspected child abuse and neglect, conscientious objection to providing specific treatments, and parental requests for tests and treatments that are not medically indicated. The role of religious preferences of parents and child are covered. What can the clinical practitioner do to convince parents that vaccinations are not harmful and that vaccinations are important to the health of the child and also to the population as a whole? Is firing the patient an option? What other options do clinicians have? The chapter addresses those questions, as well as the ethical issues that arise in the relationships of physicians to their employers, to private and public insurers, and to industry.

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