Psychiatric Expert Testimony: Emerging Applications

Psychiatric Expert Testimony: Emerging Applications

Kenneth Weiss and Clarence Watson

Print publication date: Jan 2015

ISBN: 9780199346592

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Psychiatric Expert Testimony: Emerging Applications is for practitioners who fashion expert reports and field questions during evidentiary hearings. It avoids standard applications, such as the insanity defense and specific capacity assessments, in favor of those that may be controversial or require evidentiary hearings. It covers human development and its deviations, and science and technology and each chapter discusses the science behind the testimony and, where applicable, relevant case law. It addresses the genesis of moral thinking, how early trauma can affect behavior, how to approach the child witness, and how Autism Spectrum Disorder is regarded in criminal justice, sleep disorders, fMRI lie detection, the uses of neuroimaging, traumatic encephalopathy, and designer drugs. It provides a framework for understanding why and how the justice system needs expert testimony and the instances where there is resistance to it.