Primer on Multiple Sclerosis

Primer on Multiple Sclerosis

Barbara S. Giesser

Print publication date: Jan 2016

ISBN: 9780199341016

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Primer on Multiple Sclerosis, second edition is designed to be a practical guide to the basic science and clinical manifestations of multiple sclerosis. It is intended primarily for neurologists and other health care professionals who treat persons with this disease. The book starts with a review of the history of multiple sclerosis and the basic genetics, immunology, electrophysiology, and pathophysiology that are central to the disease. It then reviews the common and uncommon clinical signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis and the management of these conditions. The latest diagnostic strategies are presented. There is extensive coverage of approved and experimental disease-modifying therapies, including algorithms to assist clincians in choosing these therapies. Complementary and alternative therapies that are popular among persons with multiple sclerosis are examined. New additions to this edition include a chapter for nursing health care professionals, and updates on therapeutics. Unique to this book are the chapters on the legal, psychosocial, and vocational issues that often present challenges for person with multiple sclerosis, topics that typically are not covered in standard texts.

Table of Contents