MBA for Healthcare

MBA for Healthcare

Joseph Sanfilippo, Eric Bieber, David Javitch, and Richard Siegrist

Print publication date: Dec 2015

ISBN: 9780199332052

Publisher: Oxford University Press


MBA for Healthcare is designed to provide healthcare providers with a modus operandi for virtually all aspects of “the business of medicine.” This educational book is a unique tool, and it has been designed with healthcare providers at all levels in mind so that they may promptly acquire basic and advanced knowledge regarding the business aspects of medicine. It is most important that clinicians and allied health professionals understand the essentials of healthcare management. The increased visibility of managed care and value-based purchasing, the uncertain future of independent medical practices, and marketing and competitive advantage now have a greater significance. Healthcare professionals must now be familiar with at least some aspects of informational technology, which is become increasingly relevant to the practice of medicine. Learning about cost accounting is also essential for incorporating clinical ideas into resource-based decisions. In addition, the field of “organizational behavior” is extremely germane to all healthcare providers.