Critical Thinking in Clinical ResearchApplied Theory and Practice Using Case Studies

Critical Thinking in Clinical ResearchApplied Theory and Practice Using Case Studies

Felipe Fregni and Ben M.W. Illigens

Print publication date: Mar 2018

ISBN: 9780199324491

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Critical Thinking in Clinical Research explains the fundamentals of clinical research in a case-based approach. The core concept is to combine a clear and concise transfer of information and knowledge with an engagement of the reader to develop a mastery of learning and critical thinking skills. The book addresses the main concepts of clinical research, basics of biostatistics, advanced topics in applied biostatistics, and practical aspects of clinical research, with emphasis on clinical relevance across all medical specialties. The goal of the book is to give a comprehensive and basic overview of the field of clinical research. This book has been designed on the experience of leading a large course in clinical research: the Principles and Practice in Clinical Research (PPCR), offered currently by Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health; it was written by PPCR collaborators together with PPCR faculty to reflect the collaborative learning concept of the course. The goal of this book is to provide a broad and applicable introduction into clinical research that allows the reader to understand, design, and conduct clinical research, specifically to critically read and understand scientific papers; to collect, analyze, and interpret research data in an unbiased fashion; to develop and design clinical studies; and to prepare, publish, and review scientific manuscripts. It is therefore written for scientists and clinicians who are new to the field of clinical research as well as those who wish to deepen, broaden, and update their clinical research skills.