Behavioral Health Care and TechnologyUsing Science-Based Innovations to Transform Practice

Behavioral Health Care and TechnologyUsing Science-Based Innovations to Transform Practice

Lisa Marsch, Sarah Lord, and Jesse Dallery

Print publication date: Nov 2014

ISBN: 9780199314027

Publisher: Oxford University Press


In recent years, there has been an explosion of research focused on using technology in healthcare, including Web and mobile health assessment and intervention tools, as well as smartphone sensors and smart environments for monitoring and promoting health behavior. This work has shown that technology-based therapeutic tools offer considerable promise for monitoring and responding to individuals’ health behavior in real time. They may extend the reach of clinicians or serve as stand-alone tools, may be cost-effective and offer countless opportunities for tailoring behavioral interventions that are optimally responsive to individuals’ needs and preferences. Technology may enable entirely new models of healthcare both within and outside of formal systems of care. This book defines the state of scientific research related to the development, experimental evaluation, and effective dissemination of technology-based therapeutic tools targeting behavioral health. It provides an overview of evidence-based approaches to harnessing technology in areas of substance use, mental health, diet and exercise, medication adherence, and chronic disease management. The book also defines the state of implementation research examining models for integrating technology-based behavioral healthcare systems to increase the quality and reach of evidence-based and cost-effective behavioral healthcare, and discusses public health and policy implications of this work. This book consists of contributions from an interdisciplinary group of authors who are leaders in fields of paramount importance to the arena of technology and behavioral health, including the science of behavior change, emerging technologies, health economics, novel methodologies and analytics, implementation science, regulation, privacy and security, and public policy.

Table of Contents