Child HealthA Population Perspective

Child HealthA Population Perspective

Alice A. Kuo, Ryan J. Coller, Sarah Stewart-Brown, and Mitch Blair

Print publication date: Oct 2015

ISBN: 9780199309375

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Child Health: a Population Perspective provides students with a multifaceted overview of the importance of child health as a population health strategy. Child health considers the determinants, interventions, and policies that affect health outcomes for the youngest segment of our population. Child health also recognizes that investments in our nation’s young have implications for the future workforce as well as adult health outcomes. Child Health: a Population Perspective is a foundational text for training future leaders in maternal and child health. The book provides perspectives in three key areas: current issues facing children in the United States, theoretical concepts behind understanding child health, and practical approaches to address child health in practice, including case studies. The authors also provide a historical perspective of how child health has developed in this country, as well as the impact of immigration and a global view of child health internationally. The authors have created a core text for maternal and child health or pediatrics courses in schools of public health, medicine, and nursing. Undergraduate students, pediatric residents, maternal and child health fellows, and practitioners in the field can benefit from this comprehensive yet concise book.