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‘Physical’ problems in dementia 

‘Physical’ problems in dementia
‘Physical’ problems in dementia
Dementia Care: A Practical Manual

Jonathan Waite

, Rowan H. Harwood

, Ian R. Morton

, and David J. Connelly


What is the issue? 218

Problems with medication 220

Dizzy spells and falls 224

Hip fracture 239

Immobility 240

Urinary tract infection (UTI) 246

Urinary incontinence 248

Constipation 254

Faecal incontinence 256

Pain 258

Parkinsonism 260

‘Clinical judgement’ 261

Summary 262

Why treat people with dementia differently? In many respects you can manage physical problems in someone who happens to have dementia exactly as you would in anyone else....

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