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Dementia in the community 

Dementia in the community
Dementia in the community
Dementia Care: A Practical Manual

Jonathan Waite

, Rowan H. Harwood

, Ian R. Morton

, and David J. Connelly


Services 108

Care programme approach 109

Community mental health teams 110

Memory services 116

Day care 118

Residential respite care 120

Admission to a psychogeriatric ward 121

Home care 122

Supporting carers 124

Elder abuse 128

Driving 132

Holidays 134

Summary 135

The majority of people who receive a diagnosis of dementia are still living at home when this happens. As well as trying to appreciate the implications of what they have been told, people with dementia and their families must begin to find their way around a myriad of services. If they are successful in accessing these sources of help, it can make an enormous difference to their experiences in the years that lie ahead. Early involvement of people with dementia with a multidisciplinary community team has been shown to reduce problems as the disorder progresses. The availability and nature of services varies from country to country and region to region. Government policy is for everybody in the UK to have access to the services described in this chapter....

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