Landmark Papers in PainSeminal Papers in Pain with Expert Commentaries

Landmark Papers in PainSeminal Papers in Pain with Expert Commentaries

Paul Farquhar-Smith, Pierre Beaulieu, and Sian Jaggar

Print publication date: Jul 2018

ISBN: 9780198834359

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Landmark Papers in Pain offers a comprehensive inventory of over 80 key studies in pain medicine from the last 100 years. Pain medicine, a relatively new specialty, has proven increasingly relevant to medical practitioners in every field. The specialism of pain has emerged over the past 50 years, largely due to the persistence of experts and new medical evidence that points to its necessity. Today, it is a distinct and integral part of global medical practice. Each paper in this book is accompanied by a concise commentary on the significance of the original findings written by an expert in pain. The reviews discuss how the papers influenced the development of the speciality and how the findings have advanced our global comprehension of pain. Together, the selected papers and reviews chart the growth of an embryonic field into the modern speciality of pain medicine. Complied by leading specialists in the field, the papers included in this book are significant for any student, researcher, clinical practitioner, or medical historian interested in pain medicine. Organized into eight distinct topics and cross-referenced by topics and author of original paper, the book is comprehensive in its coverage and easy to use. A review of the contemporary and historical research that shaped the speciality of pain, Landmark Papers in Pain is essential reading for all medical practitioners with an interest in pain medicine and pain research.

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