Treatment Response and Resistance in Schizophrenia

Treatment Response and Resistance in Schizophrenia

Oliver Howes

Print publication date: Sep 2018

ISBN: 9780198828761

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders are common mental illnesses, but their treatment is complex. This book provides a state-of-the-art overview of their treatment, with a focus on the real-world challenges faced by clinicians and patients. It brings together contributions from leading experts from around the world to cover key conceptual issues, including how to evaluate response, the nature of treatment resistance, ultra-medication (clozapine) treatment resistance, and pseudo-resistance, and how to choose a first-line antipsychotic drug that maximizes response and minimizes side effects. It also covers how to use clozapine, and alternatives to it, the use of family interventions and cognitive behaviour therapy for psychosis, and treatment strategies where clozapine has not worked, as well as new drugs and non-pharmacological treatments in the pipeline. All contributions are based on the latest evidence, focusing on systematic reviews and meta-analyses, where available, but are informed throughout by the authors’ clinical experience. This is brought together in a section where the evidence is applied to real-world clinical scenarios from the authors’ own practice. Overall, readers will gain a thorough understanding of the clinical challenges, the latest evidence in the field, and how to apply it to give patients the best chance of getting better.