Oxford Case Histories in Lung Cancer

Oxford Case Histories in Lung Cancer

Himender K. Makker, Adam Ainley, Sanjay Popat, Julian Singer, Martin Hayward, and Antke Hagena

Print publication date: Nov 2018

ISBN: 9780198813033

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Oxford Case Histories in Lung Cancer contains 40 well-structured cases from clinical practice that give a comprehensive coverage of both commonly faced situations in clinical practice and incidents that pose particular challenges. Split into five sections, covering epidemiology, medical and clinical oncology, thoracic surgery, and palliative care, each case comprises a brief clinical history with relevant clinical examination findings. Questions are based on clinical investigations and aspects of management. Detailed answers follow, based on the best available evidence from the latest research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and guidelines. The resource is illustrated with over 75 pictures and diagrams.

Table of Contents