Global Anaesthesia

Global Anaesthesia

Rachael Craven, Hilary Edgcombe, and Ben Gupta

Print publication date: Sep 2020

ISBN: 9780198809821

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The Oxford Specialist Handbook of Global Anaesthesia is an authoritative and comprehensive reference tool for anaesthetists practising in low-resource settings. It provides essential information to trained anaesthetists on delivering care without the equipment, drugs, and colleague support they might be used to in high-resource settings. Written by international experts in the field it will be useful to anaesthetists planning to work in remote and rural areas or countries with poor healthcare resources. It will also be useful to those working as part of disaster and emergency response medical teams. The technical and organizational aspects of delivering anaesthesia in austere environments are addressed, as are drugs and equipment that might be unfamiliar to anaesthetists practising in high-resource settings, e.g. ketamine and draw-over anaesthesia. The sub-specialties of obstetrics, paediatrics, burns, pain, trauma, and critical care are all covered in the clinical section. Useful reference tables, including a drug formulary, ensure that this book is the essential ‘survival guide’ for any trained anaesthetic practitioner planning to work or teach in a remote or resource-poor environment.