Pathways in Prosthetic Joint Infection

Pathways in Prosthetic Joint Infection

Umraz Khan, Graeme Perks, Rhidian Morgan-Jones, Peter James, Colin Esler, Vince Smyth, and Vanya Gant

Print publication date: Nov 2018

ISBN: 9780198791881

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This book provides a concise overview of methods of assessing and managing prosthetic joint infection (PJI). It covers the classification of PJI sites, risk factors, and preoperative assessment, before considering safe patient pathways. Drawn from the authors’ clinical experience and a review of the current literature, the book also explains surgical and drug management of acute infection, the management of chronic infection, and specific microbiology issues relating to PJI. Proposed models for revision arthroplasty networks are discussed and future aims are considered. The proposed pathways are backed by illustrated case histories.