Depression and Type 2 Diabetes

Depression and Type 2 Diabetes

Khalida Ismail, Andreas Barthel, Stefan R. Bornstein, and Julio Licinio

Print publication date: Aug 2018

ISBN: 9780198789284

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Type 2 diabetes is predicted to affect between 10% and 25% of the world population in the next 20 years. Depression is a common comorbid condition in those affected with type 2 diabetes, and the combination of these conditions is associated with a poorer prognosis, including earlier mortality. Genetic and epigenetic predisposition and overlap of risk factors related to our modern lifestyle seem to drive the shared biology of diabetes and depression. This book aims to provide an understanding of the sequelae of events leading to the frequent comorbidity of diabetes and depression. This book project has been supported by the transCampus of Kings College London and Technical University of Dresden. Chapter by chapter, internationally recognized clinicians and scientists have summarized the state of the art and outstanding controversies of the epidemiology, mechanisms, and treatment of the depression–type 2 diabetes comorbidity. This book is relevant for all health professionals including the general practitioner and specialist clinicians in internal medicine, endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic diseases, neurology, psychiatry, and psychology as well as students interested in this topic.