Adjustment DisordersFrom Controversy to Clinical Practice

Adjustment DisordersFrom Controversy to Clinical Practice

Patricia Casey

Print publication date: Mar 2018

ISBN: 9780198786214

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Adjustment disorder has been included in the psychiatric classifications for half a century, but despite its age, this is the first book devoted exclusively to the condition. The starting point is to delineate its origins and how it differs from normal distress. The philosophical and clinical dilemmas raised by this diagnosis are considered in the early chapters of this book. The development of new screening and diagnostic tools will assist in epidemiological studies. The radical proposal to have specific criteria for AD in ICD-11 is reviewed critically as this would lead to significant differences between DSM-5 and ICD-11. Psychobiology, treatment, and prognosis are discussed in the middle sections of this work, and specialists in a number of areas—including child and adolescent psychiatry, learning disability, occupational health, and forensic psychiatry—have made invaluable contributions. This book will fill the vacuum for doctors and other mental health professionals working with those who have AD. The generous use of case vignettes invigorates the theory behind the practice.