European Pain Management

European Pain Management

Christopher Eccleston, Christopher Wells, and Bart Morlion

Print publication date: Dec 2017

ISBN: 9780198785750

Publisher: Oxford University Press


There are 740 million people in the 37 countries that are part of the European Pain Federation, which is made up of chapters of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). The book provides a review of the organization of pain care in the 37 member countries. Leaders in each country offer a chapter on how their health and pain care services are organized, the demands of their specific populations, the specific national challenges they face, and examples of innovations and advances. After this comprehensive summary, key experts in the field discuss issues that are pertinent to all of the European nations: workings with young people, working with pain in later life, managing opioids, the rise of pain as a specialism, working in developing economies, and policy making. We end with a summary chapter pulling together themes from across all of the chapters, and make a call to envision a new form of pain management for a new Europe.