Women's Voices in PsychiatryA Collection of Essays

Women's Voices in PsychiatryA Collection of Essays

Gianetta Rands

Print publication date: Jun 2018

ISBN: 9780198785484

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This book presents a collection of chapters written by women psychiatrists working in, or who have recently worked in, the National Health Service (NHS). In addition, there are chapters by a medical journalist and a senior NHS mental health nurse manager, as well as short profiles of some women whose work has made a difference to psychiatry. The subjects covered are diverse and include descriptions of women’s roles in perinatal psychiatry, women-only units, forensic, old age, and intellectual difficulties services. There are chapters analysing roles of women as psychiatry trainees and trainers, as managers, and as doctors with mental illnesses. Chapters on the history of women in medicine and psychiatry are included. The modern legal framework for decision-making for vulnerable people is covered and the psychoanalytical perspective is particularly emphasized in chapters on historic abuse and the functioning of mental health units. Some chapters are autobiographical and some are biographical. This book is of interest to specialists and non-specialists alike and explores some of the main changes to mental health services in the twentieth century, from the perspective of women doctors. These chapters will help reduce stigma about mental illnesses and demystify the world of psychiatry. Young readers may be inspired to consider careers in this fascinating field that not only seeks to understand the human mind but also uses science and evidence to improve psychiatric treatments.

Table of Contents