Presenting Medical Statistics from Proposal to Publication

Presenting Medical Statistics from Proposal to Publication

Janet L. Peacock, Sally M. Kerry, and Raymond R. Balise

Print publication date: Jul 2017

ISBN: 9780198779100

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Presenting Medical Statistics from Proposal to Publication (second edition) aims to show readers how to conduct a wide range of statistical analyses from sample size calculations through to multifactorial regressions that are needed in the research process. The second edition of ‘Presenting’ has been revised and updated and now includes Stata, SAS, SPSS, and R. The book shows how to interpret each computer output and illustrates how to present the results and accompanying text in a format suitable for a peer-reviewed journal article or research report. All analyses are illustrated using real data and all programming code, outputs, and datasets used in the book are available on a website for readers to freely download and use. ‘Presenting’ includes practical information and helpful tips for software, all statistical methods used, and the research process. It is written by three experienced biostatisticians, Janet Peacock, Sally Kerry, and Ray Balise from the UK and the USA, and is born out of their extensive experience conducting collaborative medical research, teaching medical students, physicians, and other health professionals, and providing researchers with advice.