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Preface to the fifth edition 

Preface to the fifth edition
Drugs in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (5 ed.)

Edward Scarth

and Susan Smith

The aims of this book remain true to those of previous editions. In order to make changes prior to the publication of this edition, a peer review process was undertaken. We have tried to accommodate the changes that were proposed by the reviewers and are grateful for their comments. The book continues in its original structured format, the major changes being the removal of agents no longer in use, the addition of new pharmacological drugs, and the introduction of drug comparison tables and a number of drug structure diagrams. We hope that this new edition will remain popular with critical care professionals, operating department personnel, paramedics, pre-hospital care specialists, and anaesthetists of all grades, in addition to providing sound examination preparation for the FRCA and FFICM. Any comments will be gratefully received via e-mail to and



Cheltenham, January 2015

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