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Index of medical uses 

Index of medical uses
Drugs in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (5 ed.)

Note: Tables are indicated by an italic t following the page number

abortion induction [link]
ACE inhibitors (ACEIs), intolerance of [link]
acid aspiration, pregnancy and labour [link]
acidosis, metabolic [link]
acne rosacea [link]
adrenocortical deficiency [link], [link], [link]
affective disorders [link]
alcohol withdrawal [link], [link], [link]
alkalinization of urine [link]
allergic rhinitis [link]
altitude sickness [link]
amoebiasis [link]
anaerobic infections [link], [link]
bradycardia in [link]
control of secretions [link], [link]
epidural [link]
epidural, causing hypotension [link]
general see [link]
hypertension [link]
inhalational, physicochemical properties [link] t
intravenous, comparison table [link] t
neuroaxial [link]
pre chloroform/ether [link]
regional blockade [link], [link]
shivering after [link]
spinal [link]
spinal, causing hypotension [link], [link], [link]
see also premedication
deafferentiation syndromes [link]
in general anaesthesia [link], [link], [link]
head injuries [link]
mass casualties [link]
neuroleptanalgesia [link], [link]
patient-controlled [link]
sequential [link]
short procedures [link]
terminal care [link], [link]
anaphylactic/oid reactions [link], [link], [link], [link]
ankylosing spondylitis [link], [link]
antacids [link]
antiarrhythmics see arrhythmias
antibiotics, glycopeptide [link]
anticholinergic agents, muscarinic effects [link], [link]
cardiopulmonary bypass [link]
heparin [link]
renal dialysis [link]
anticonvulsants see epilepsy
antiemetics see nausea and vomiting
anti-inflammatory agents [link]
antipyretic agents [link], [link], [link], [link]
antispasmodics [link]
biliary colic [link]
renal colic [link]
antitussive agents [link], [link]
anxiolytics [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
aortic dissection [link]
apnoea [link]
arrhythmias [link]
atrial [link]
re-entry [link], [link]
supraventricular [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
ventricular [link], [link], [link], [link]
arteries, peripheral, occlusion [link]
ascites [link]
aspergillosis [link], [link]
asystole [link]
atrial arrhythmias [link]
atrial fibrillation or flutter [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) [link]
autoimmune disorders [link], [link], [link]
autoimmune renal disease [link]
autonomic hyperreflexia [link]

bacterial endocarditis, prophylaxis [link], [link], [link]
bacterial meningitis [link]
barium poisoning [link]
overdose [link]
sedation [link]
biliary colic [link], [link], [link]
biliary disorders, nausea and vomiting due to [link]
biliary tract sepsis [link]
bioterrorism, organisms potentially used in [link]
bipolar depression [link]
bipolar disorder [link]
bleeding see haemorrhage
blood flow
cerebral [link]
organ [link]
blood pressure
expansion of intravascular volume [link]
perioperative control [link]
blood sugar, control [link]
blood volume, circulating [link]
bone infections [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
bone pain [link]
bradycardias [link], [link]
brain injury [link]
breathing, passive hyperventilation [link]
bulimia nervosa [link]

hypercalcaemia [link], [link], [link]
hypercalciuria [link]
candidiasis [link]
candidosis, disseminated [link]
carbon monoxide poisoning [link]
cardiac see also heart
cardiac disease, rheumatic [link]
cardiac output, low [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
cardiac stress testing [link]
cardiac surgery [link], [link], [link], [link]
transplantation, low-output states [link]
cardiogenic shock [link]
cardiomyopathy [link]
cardioplegic solutions [link]
cardiopulmonary bypass [link], [link], [link]
anticoagulant [link]
withdrawal [link]
cardiopulmonary resuscitation [link]
cardiovascular events, primary and secondary prevention [link]
cardiovascular responses to laryngoscopy [link]
carotid artery surgery [link]
cataract surgery
post-operative inflammation [link]
pre-operative miosis [link]
central nervous system sepsis [link]
cerebral blood flow, increase [link]
cerebral oedema [link], [link]
cerebral surgery [link]
cerebral vasospasm [link]
cerebrospinal fluid, pressure/volume [link]
cerebrovascular accidents, acute [link], [link]
chemotherapy [link]
leukaemia [link], [link], [link]
lymphoma [link]
nausea following [link], [link], [link], [link]
chloride ion replacement [link]
chloroform, anaesthesia [link]
cholera [link]
chronic obstructive airways disease [link], [link], [link], [link]
circulating blood volume [link]
circulation, extracorporeal, priming [link]
clonidine overdose [link]
coccidiomycosis [link]
cold cures [link]
colitis [link]
pseudomembranous [link]
colorectal surgery [link]
coma, myxoedema [link]
confusional states, acute [link]
congestive heart failure [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
Conn’s syndrome [link]
contact sensitivity syndromes [link], [link]
continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis [link]
coronary angiography [link]
coronary angioplasty [link]
coronary artery, spasm [link]
coronary artery surgery [link]
coronary syndromes, acute [link], [link]
cranial diabetes insipidus [link]
critically ill patients [link], [link], [link]
cryotherapy [link], [link]
cryptococcosis [link]
Cushing’s syndrome [link], [link]
cycloplegics [link]
cytotoxic agents, nausea and vomiting [link]

decompression sickness [link]
decongestant, nasal [link], [link]
deep vein thrombosis [link], [link], [link]
prophylaxis [link], [link]
dehydration [link]
delirium [link]
dental infections [link]
dermatitis [link]
diabetes insipidus [link]
cranial [link]
diabetes mellitus
autonomic neuropathy [link]
IDDM [link]
nephropathy [link], [link]
neuropathy [link]
NIDDM [link], [link]
diabetic coma, hyperosmolar [link]
diarrhoea [link], [link], [link]
digestive disorders [link]
digoxin toxicity [link]
disseminated intravascular coagulation [link]
diuretics [link]
loop/thiazide [link]
diverticulitis [link]
drugs, dilution [link]
dysmenorrhoea [link], [link]
dysrhythmias see arrhythmias

ear infections [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
eclampsia [link], [link]
eczema [link], [link]
electroconvulsive therapy [link]
electrolyte loss [link], [link]
electrolytes, perioperative [link]
intravascular dissolution [link]
prophylaxis [link]
encephalitis [link]
endocarditis [link]
bacterial [link], [link], [link]
infective [link]
staphylococcal [link]
insufflation of body cavities [link]
oversedation, reversal of [link]
peptic ulcer bleeding [link]
sedation [link], [link]
Enterococcus, vancomycin-resistant [link]
enuresis, nocturnal [link], [link], [link]
epidural anaesthesia [link]
causing hypotension [link]
epilepsy [link], [link]
anticonvulsants [link]
drug-resistant [link]
fits after electroconvulsive therapy [link]
partial seizures [link], [link], [link]
petit mal [link], [link]
primary [link]
status epilepticus [link], [link], [link], [link]
temporal lobe [link]
tonic–clonic seizures [link], [link], [link]
essential fatty acid deficiency syndrome [link]
ether anaesthesia [link]
expiratory pressure ventilation [link]
extracorporeal circulation, priming [link]
eye infections [link], [link], [link], [link]

factor VII deficiency, congenital [link]
familial periodic paralysis [link]
fat embolism [link]
maintenance [link]
perioperative [link]
replacement [link]
flutter or atrial fibrillation [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
fungal infections [link], [link]

gastritis [link]
gastroenteritis [link]
gastrointestinal motility disorders
hypotonia [link]
oesophagus [link]
paralytic ileus [link]
gastrointestinal tract
diagnostic radiology [link]
infections [link], [link], [link]
pseudomembranous colitis [link]
radiological investigation [link]
Zollinger–Ellison syndrome [link], [link]
general anaesthesia [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
analgesia [link], [link], [link]
nausea and vomiting [link], [link]
generalized anxiety disorder [link], [link]
genitourinary tract infections [link], [link]
giardiasis [link]
Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia [link]
glaucoma [link], [link], [link]
glucose utilization, TPN [link]
goitre [link]
graft occlusion [link]
growth hormone, tests [link]
gynaecological infections [link]
gynaecological sepsis [link], [link]

haemodialysis [link], [link]
haemolytic–uraemic syndrome [link]
haemophilia [link], [link]
plasma volume replacement [link], [link]
post-partum [link]
prothrombin complex coagulation factors, deficiencies of [link]
subarachnoid [link]
surgical [link]
head injuries analgesia [link]
headache [link]
heart see also cardiac
heart block [link]
heart failure [link], [link]
chronic [link]
metabolic acidosis [link]
oedema [link]
heart valves, prosthetic [link]
heat stroke [link]
heparin, neutralization [link]
hepatic cirrhosis [link]
hepatic disorders, nausea and vomiting due to [link]
herpes simplex infections [link]
hiatus hernia [link]
hiccups [link], [link], [link], [link]
intractable [link]
peri-operative [link]
hip replacement surgery [link], [link]
histoplasmosis [link]
hypercalcaemia [link], [link], [link]
hypercalciuria [link]
hypercholesterolaemia [link]
hyperhydrosis [link]
hyperkalaemia [link]
hyperosmolar diabetic coma [link]
hyperreflexia, autonomic [link]
hypertension [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
anaesthesia [link]
essential [link], [link], [link]
perioperative [link]
pregnancy-induced [link]
pulmonary [link], [link]
pulmonary embolism [link], [link]
renovascular [link], [link]
hyperthermia, malignant [link]
hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy [link]
hyperventilation, passive [link]
hypnotics [link], [link], [link], [link]
hypoalbuminaemia [link]
hypoglycaemia [link], [link]
hypomagnesaemia [link]
hypomania [link]
controlled [link]
during anaesthesia [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
during surgery [link], [link]
refractory [link]
hypothyroidism [link]
hypotonia [link]
hypoxia [link]

ileostomy output [link]
immunosuppression, organ transplantation [link], [link], [link]
rehydration [link]
spasm [link]
anaerobic [link], [link]
dental [link]
fungal [link], [link]
gastrointestinal tract [link], [link], [link]
genitourinary tract [link], [link]
gynaecological [link]
herpes simplex [link]
influenza [link]
intra-abdominal [link]
MRSA [link]
neonatal [link]
obstetric [link]
osteomyelitis [link]
pelvic [link]
Pneumocystis carinii [link]
protozoal [link]
respiratory tract see respiratory tract infections
sexually transmitted diseases [link], [link], [link], [link]
surgical prophylaxis [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
typhus [link]
urinary tract see urinary tract infections
varicella zoster virus [link]
wounds [link]
infective endocarditis [link]
inflammatory bowel disease [link]
inhalational anaesthetics, physicochemical properties [link] t
inotropic support [link]
insulin preparations [link]
interspinous ligament injection [link]
intra-abdominal sepsis [link], [link], [link], [link]
intra-abdominal tract infections [link]
intracranial pressure [link], [link]
intravascular dissolution, thrombi/emboli [link]
intravascular volume [link]
intravenous anaesthetics, comparison table [link] t
intubation [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
nasal [link], [link]
tracheal [link], [link]
ischaemic attacks [link], [link]
ischaemic cerebrovascular events, acute [link]

joint infections [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]

knee replacement surgery [link], [link]

acceleration [link]
acid aspiration [link]
induction [link]
pain relief [link], [link], [link], [link]
premature [link], [link], [link], [link]
inhibition [link]
promotion [link]
laryngoscopy, cardiovascular responses to [link]
laryngospasm [link]
left ventricular failure [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
chemotherapy [link], [link], [link]
ligament, interspinous, injection [link]
local anaesthesia [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
comparison table [link] t
loop diuretics [link]
low birthweight prematurity [link]
lymphoma chemotherapy [link]

magnesium, hypomagnesaemia [link]
malabsorption syndromes [link]
malignant hyperthermia [link]
mania [link], [link]
Ménière’s disease [link], [link]
meningitis [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
bacterial [link]
menopausal flushing [link]
metabolic acidosis [link]
miosis, pre-operative, cataract surgery [link]
motion sickness [link], [link], [link]
motor tics [link]
MRSA infection [link]
muscarinic effects, anticholinergic agents [link], [link]
muscle spasticity [link], [link]
musculoskeletal disorders [link], [link]
myasthenia gravis [link], [link]
differentiation of cholinergic crisis [link]
Tensilon® test [link]
mydriatic agents [link]
myocardial infarction [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
left ventricular failure [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
recurrence [link], [link]
reduction of infarct size [link]
myoclonic seizures [link], [link]
myxoedema coma [link]

narcolepsy [link], [link]
nasal decongestant [link], [link]
nasal intubation [link], [link]
nausea and vomiting [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
altitude sickness [link]
after chemotherapy [link], [link], [link], [link]
general anaesthesia [link], [link]
motion sickness [link], [link], [link]
post-operative [link], [link], [link]
radiation sickness [link], [link], [link]
refractory [link]
terminal illness [link]
infections [link]
rehydration [link]
nephrotic syndrome [link], [link]
neuroaxial anaesthesia [link]
neuroleptanalgesia [link], [link]
neuroleptic malignant syndrome [link]
neuromuscular blockade [link]
non-depolarizing, reversal [link], [link]
phase II block diagnosis [link]
reversal [link]
neuropathies [link]
neutropenic sepsis [link], [link]
nocardiasis [link]
nocturnal enuresis [link], [link], [link]
non-specific urethritis [link]
nose infections [link], [link], [link], [link]
NSAID-associated ulcers, prevention [link]
calorie source [link]
glucose utilization in TPN [link]
TPN mixtures [link]
venodilation in TPN [link]

obsessive–compulsive disorder [link]
obstetric infections [link]
oedema [link], [link], [link]
cerebral [link], [link]
heart failure [link]
nephrotic syndrome [link]
oesophageal motility disorders [link]
oesophageal varices [link], [link]
peptic [link]
reflux [link], [link]
ophthalmic inflammatory diseases [link]
nausea and vomiting [link], [link]
overdose [link]
therapy [link]
withdrawal [link]
oral infections [link], [link]
organ blood flow [link]
organ transplantation [link], [link], [link], [link]
immunosuppression [link], [link], [link]
organophosphorus poisoning [link]
osteoarthritis [link], [link], [link]
osteomyelitis [link]
oxygen transport [link]

pain see analgesia
palliative care [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
panic disorder [link]
paralysis [link]
paralytic ileus [link]
partial seizures [link], [link], [link]
passive hyperventilation [link]
patient-controlled analgesia [link]
pelvic infections [link]
peptic oesophagitis [link]
peptic ulcer [link], [link], [link]
peripheral arteries [link]
peripheral vascular disease [link]
peritoneal dialysis, continuous ambulatory [link]
peritonitis [link]
petit mal epilepsy [link], [link]
phaeochromocytoma [link]
perioperative management [link]
preoperative preparation [link]
phlebitis, prophylaxis [link]
phobic disorders [link]
plasma volume replacement, haemorrhage [link], [link]
pleural effusions [link]
pneumatosis coli [link]
Pneumocystis carinii infections [link]
pneumonia, nosocomial and community-acquired [link], [link]
barium [link]
carbon monoxide [link]
organophosphorus [link]
polydipsia [link]
polyuria [link]
post-herpetic neuralgia [link], [link]
post-operative respiratory depression [link]
post-partum haemorrhage [link]
post-surgical pain [link], [link]
post-traumatic stress disorder [link]
conservation [link], [link]
hyperkalaemia [link]
pre-eclampsia [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
pregnancy, acid aspiration [link]
pre-hospital care [link]
prematurity, low birthweight [link]
premedication [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
inhibition of saliva [link], [link]
prokinetics [link]
propranolol overdose [link]
prosthetic heart valves [link]
prothrombin complex coagulation factors, deficiencies of [link]
protozoal infections [link]
pruritus [link], [link]
pseudomembranous colitis [link]
psittacosis [link]
psychoses [link], [link], [link], [link]
mania [link], [link]
schizophrenia [link], [link], [link]
pulmonary embolism [link], [link]
prophylaxis [link]
pulmonary hypertension [link], [link]

radiation sickness, nausea [link], [link], [link]
Raynaud’s disease and phenomenon [link], [link], [link], [link]
red eye [link]
reflux oesophagitis [link], [link]
regional anaesthesia [link], [link]
rehydration, neonates and infants [link]
renal colic [link], [link], [link], [link]
renal dialysis, anticoagulant [link]
renal disease, autoimmune [link]
renal insufficiency [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
renal stones [link]
renal transplantation [link]
renal tubular acidosis [link]
renovascular hypertension [link], [link]
respiratory depression
post-operative [link]
reversal [link]
respiratory failure [link]
respiratory tract infections [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
antitussive agents [link], [link]
resuscitation [link]
revascularization procedures [link]
rhabdomyolysis [link]
rheumatic heart disease [link]
rheumatoid arthritis [link], [link], [link]
rheumatologic disorders [link]

saliva, inhibition during premedication [link], [link]
salt depletion [link]
sarcoidosis [link]
schizophrenia [link], [link], [link]
scoliosis, surgery, ‘wake-up’ test [link]
for ‘awake’ fibreoptic intubation [link]
children [link]
endoscopy [link], [link]
intensive care [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
reversal [link]
for surgery [link], [link]
seizures see epilepsy
biliary tract [link]
central nervous system [link]
gynaecological [link], [link]
intra-abdominal [link], [link], [link], [link]
neutropenic [link], [link]
obstetric [link]
septic shock [link], [link]
catecholamine-refractory [link]
sequential analgesia [link]
sexually transmitted diseases [link], [link], [link], [link]
post-anaesthetic [link]
post-operative [link]
shock [link]
cardiogenic [link]
social anxiety disorder [link]
sodium ion replacement [link]
soft tissue injuries [link], [link]
spasms, infants [link]
spastic conditions [link]
spinal anaesthesia [link]
spinal syndromes [link]
splanchnic blood flow [link]
staphylococcal endocarditis [link]
status epilepticus [link], [link], [link], [link]
stress ulceration, prophylaxis [link], [link]
stroke [link]
subarachnoid haemorrhage [link]
supraventricular arrhythmias [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
aortic dissection [link]
cardiac [link], [link], [link]
carotid artery [link]
cataract [link]
colorectal [link]
coronary artery [link]
fluid and electrolytes [link], [link]
haemorrhage [link]
hip replacement [link], [link]
hypotension [link], [link]
knee replacement [link], [link]
perioperative hiccups [link]
perioperative hypertension [link]
preoperative autologous blood yield [link]
prophylaxis of infections [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
scoliosis, ‘wake-up’ test [link]
sedation [link], [link]
sweating, hyperhydrosis [link]

tachycardias [link]
tachydysrhythmias [link], [link]
temporal lobe epilepsy [link]
Tensilon® test, myasthenia gravis diagnosis [link]
terminal illness
analgesia [link], [link]
nausea and vomiting [link]
thiazide diuretics [link]
throat infections [link], [link], [link]
thromboembolism, post-operative prophylaxis [link]
thrombolytic therapy [link]
thrombosis [link], [link]
thyrotoxicosis [link]
tonic–clonic seizures [link], [link], [link]
torsades de pointes [link], [link]
toxoplasmosis [link]
tracheal intubation [link], [link]
tremor [link]
trichomoniasis [link]
trigeminal neuralgia [link], [link]
tumour lysis syndrome [link]
tumours, palliative treatment of [link]
typhus infections [link]

NSAID-associated, prevention [link]
stress [link], [link]
urethritis, non-specific [link]
urinary retention [link]
urinary tract infections [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
urine, alkalinization [link]
urticaria [link]

vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus [link]
varicella zoster infections [link]
vascular disease, peripheral [link]
vasoconstrictors [link], [link]
venereal diseases see sexually transmitted diseases
venous cannulation [link]
venous thromboembolic events [link], [link], [link]
ventilation [link]
apnoea [link]
expiratory pressure [link]
passive hyperventilation [link]
weaning [link]
ventricular arrhythmias [link], [link], [link], [link]
ventricular failure [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
vertigo [link]
vitamin D toxicity [link]
vomiting see nausea and vomiting
von Willebrand’s disease [link]

‘wake-up test’, scoliosis surgery [link]
Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome [link], [link]
wound infections [link]

Zollinger–Ellison syndrome [link], [link]
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