Type 1 Diabetes (Oxford Diabetes Library)

Type 1 Diabetes (Oxford Diabetes Library)

David Levy

Print publication date: Jul 2016

ISBN: 9780198766452

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Type 1 Diabetes (2011) has been completely updated for the 2nd edition. The background is introduced with a review of aetiology, classification, and presentation in young people and adults. The major longitudinal studies (DCCT/EDIC, Pittsburgh, and FinnDiane) are discussed and their importance in defining the long-term outcomes of Type 1 diabetes in the modern era emphasized. Treatment is covered with a focused discussion of advanced management of diabetic ketoacidosis and insulin treatment (multiple-dose insulin and insulin pumps). A new chapter on technology covers continuous glucose monitoring, a practical update on the artificial pancreas project, and pancreas transplantation. The natural history of microvascular and macrovascular complications and their management are extensively covered. Type 1 diabetes in adolescents and emerging adults is given a separate chapter, and there is a new chapter on pre-conception care and education. New material on the psychological and psychosocial aspects of diabetes is presented. It is fully referenced with PubMed reference numbers and free-text PMID references, and each chapter contains suggestions for focused further reading.