Revision Notes in Intensive Care Medicine

Revision Notes in Intensive Care Medicine

Stuart Gillon, Chris Wright, Cameron Knott, Mark McPhail, and Luigi Camporota

Print publication date: Jun 2016

ISBN: 9780198754619

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The growing complexity of intensive care medicine (ICM) has required the development of a number of related educational syllabi. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, dieticians, and other healthcare personnel working with critically ill patients often undergo a period of postgraduate specialist training and must demonstrate competence by means of examinations or other assessment tool. This book has been written to support professionals undertaking specialist training in ICM. The format is guided by the curricula of the Australasian Fellowship of the College of Intensive Care Medicine (FCICM), the European Diploma of Intensive Care Medicine (EDIC), and the United Kingdom Fellowship of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FFICM); the comprehensive nature of these syllabi extend the suitability of this book to participants in virtually all postgraduate intensive care programmes. It will also be of interest to those training in the specialties closely related to ICM: anaesthesia, the surgical specialties, acute, respiratory and emergency medicine. Revision Notes in Intensive Care Medicine follows a systems-based format. Each chapter explores key physiological and pathophysiological concepts relating to a given organ system. The assessment, monitoring, and support (both pharmacological and physical) of the system are examined. Underpinning evidence and key publications are discussed. The authors hope this text will serve as a companion to training programmes in ICM, by introducing key concepts to those new to the specialty, reinforcing knowledge and understanding to the more experienced practitioner, and acting as an aide memoire to all in the exam waiting room or at the bedside.